Maki Platform

Maki School Management System is an enterprise school management platform that integrates multiple systems for School Management, Learning Management and Student Information Management. Maki School Management System can accommodate multiple schools or group of schools in different geography with different school curriculum.

This integrated system automates the whole school processes by providing all the functionalities necessary for the education in the schools. It provides features such as student admission, uploading electronic content, taking attendance for each session as per the class schedule, creating assignments and uploading the assignment files, grading the assignments including the homework as well as the exams, and creating schedule for each class.

The system comprises of the following modules:

Administrators module

Administrators module is responsible for building the whole system foundations and manage important systems such as the School ERP. Admin can create users profiles (Schools, Students, Teachers and Admins). From Admin module, you can build Grades, Classes, Courses, and assign the courses and classes to the teachers. Admin also can build schedules and assign students to the classes. You can also create teacher authority and link teachers to their assigned grades, classes, and courses. You can also manage tuition fees, admission fees, transport fees, expenses and other financial aspects. It also has financial accounting system where you can manage all your financial data and generate important financial reports such as General Ledger, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Income Statement. From Admin you can also manage the human resources and Payroll systems with all the related activities.

Teachers Module

Teachers Module is responsible for managing assignments, attendance, grading and a lot more. Teacher can grade the assignment for each student and take attendance for the classes students. Teacher also can create categories under the course, generate reports, and upload e-books, PowerPoint presentations, video files, and word and PDF documents

Students Module

Students Module provides comprehensive portal for Students and Parents to check Student assignments, Courses Grades and overall Grade, generate reports about Student attendance, and download e-books, PowerPoint presentations, video files, and word and PDF documents

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